digitise your production

Exine Technology

About Us

Exine technology are a business focussed on working with their clients to provide growth and process improvement through the creation of connected digital models.  Exine have the capability to create electronics hardware as well as full scale progressive web applications to collect, visualise and report on a client’s data.

Why Choose Us

Electronics Development

We can create the devices required to capture your data

Web Applications

We can develop the systems to view and report on your data. Remotely and on any device.


We have integrated our web apps with multiple 3rd party applications and in-house systems

Flexible & Dynamic

Our company size allows us to adapt easily to a changing clients needs

Customised solutions for digitising assets & operations

Our custom data modelling and capturing libraries allow systems to be created quickly, making a customised solution affordable to smaller businesses.  Our aim is to give every business the ability to benefit from accurate digital models of their assets and operations.